As the years go by, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Mobile phones have changed dramatically in the past five to ten years, we now have smart speakers that are integrated with a virtual assistant, and paying for items in a store is a simple tap with a contactless card. These technological advances are also bringing benefits to the health and social care sector like never before.

Technology Benefits

Technology in Care comes with a whole range of benefits for users, from providing something as simple as an alarm clock which can talk which could help someone suffering from dementia, to developing a whole personalised digital care plan that can be shared between patients, carers and all the health and care professionals involved in that person's care.

Control in your own health and wellbeing is something many people in the care sector are looking for and the advancement of technology in recent years is certainly helping with that. Alongside this, data can also be stored, allowing progress to be monitored, tracked, analysed, and compared; thereby enabling improvement in the care that the recipient will receive.

Software Benefits

It’s not just technology devices themselves that are advancing year-on-year, many software applications are releasing updates and apps that are beneficial to people in the health and social care sector; with some specifically focusing on ways to help people struggling with certain disabilities. There are apps that read out text, apps that translate speech into text, software to keep digital paperwork together, and websites that make difficult tasks simple.

This is where UKCIL is beneficial. We make it easy for employers, and their families, to find personal assistants to help them live a more independent life.

UKCIL Benefits

With UKCIL, employers and their families, who are looking for help, can:

  • Easily create a detailed profile and detail jobs they need help with
  • Post jobs which will automatically be advertised across leading recruitment sites
  • Manage applications from eligible personal assistants, coming from multiple sources
  • Select and invite candidates from UKCIL’s database to apply
  • Get full support throughout the process if needed - from their Local Authority and/or CIL Organisation
  • Hire for free all year round - if funded by their local authority or NHS Trust

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