What to do if your home care needs are changing?

What to do if your home care needs are changing?

Throughout our lives, we have many ups and downs with many of which we cannot control, one of which is when we have health problems, seriously severe ones, that impair our ability to look after ourselves. During these times we will, of course, lean on family and friends. However, there are other places you can turn to if your health and social care needs change.

The wants and needs of you, if you’re the person who needs to be cared for, should be the primary factors being taken into consideration. What’s feasible? What ongoing treatment, if any, is needed? Is it possible for you to continue to live and lead an independent life? Other questions may relate to finances, home accessibility, and medication management.

Most of these questions will be covered in home care needs assessment. This is carried out by your local authority to assess you on a variety of matters relating to your care needs. A nurse, an occupational therapist, or a social worker will carry out the assessment and will talk to you and explore how difficult you find it to do everyday activities such as washing and dressing.

According to the NHS, you will need a care needs assessment carried out before your council can recommend one or more of the services below:

  • equipment like a walking frame or a personal alarm
  • changes to your home such as a walk-in shower
  • practical help from a paid self employed carer
  • day care for your child if either you or they are disabled
  • access to day centres and lunch clubs
  • moving to a care home

A lot of people wish to stay in their own homes and there are a lot of services out there that will certainly help you to live an independent life. A finance assessment is also carried out alongside the care needs assessment so that your local authority can work out how much money you are entitled to. This money, which is called a personal budget for carers, would be sent to a managed bank account in which you will be able to spend on specific services that help you to get the care you need as assessed in the care needs assessment.

UKCIL is one of many services you can use which is covered by your personal health budget. We allow you to find, meet, and hire personal care assistants that will help you in and around your home. They can come in for as little as two hours a week if that’s all you require and their help can be affordable as well as flexible because you choose the hours the care assistants will be required.