UKCIL recently received a Disability Confident Committed badge and certificate.

This badge and certificate means that we are committed to change the thoughts, attitudes, behaviour, and cultures within the business industry positively so that people with disabilities have equal opportunities.

Every person deserves to be considered for a role without any prejudice or discrimination. We believe that all candidates should be marked on their talent - what is important is the skill, experience, attitude, and ability someone brings to the role they are applying for.

UKCIL’s commitment is not just theoretical, it includes a practical plan to ensure that, as our business grows, we will work on attracting, recruiting, and retaining disabled people or those with health issues.

UKCIL is currently looking for a junior software developer. To speak to us about this or to be considered for other roles with us - in software, admin, customer service, or finance, in the future, please email us at

If you’d like to know more about what being Disability Confident entails, visit the government website here: