We all know that a great vacancy listing will bring in more candidates which is essential to you when looking for your next Personal Care Assistant (PCA). The more options you have, the better chance you'll find someone that suits the role. Here at UKCIL, we've been discussing the reasons why some listings do better than others, and here's what we have concluded.


First and foremost, the title. This is the most important feature of your job listing, the one thing that will draw in potential PCA's, so a generic title just doesn't work. The title of your job listing is the first thing a PCA, who is looking for work, will see first, so make sure you get it right. To do so, you need to be specific about your requirements. The best titles include the city in which you are located, the number of hours required, the hourly pay rate, your disability/sex/age, and the sex of the PCA you are looking for as well as the number of years of experience you expect them to have, if applicable.


The other utmost important feature of your listing is to complete your profile, which introduces the PCA to you. This can be even more valuable than the title as it gives the PCA an insight into your particular needs and likes and dislikes - it’s a little window into your personality if you like.

In your profile, you have the chance to be clearer about your requirements and a good profile doesn’t need to be more than a few short sentences. Even a little extra information about you yourself can show a PCA that you are serious about finding someone because you’ve taken time out to talk about yourself.


As for the job description, make sure you elaborate on the title, don’t repeat yourself but mention general demeanour - do you want someone friendly or someone professional? Do you want someone flexible or reliable for the hours they are given?

Extra tips

Make sure you use short sentences and paragraphs to make it easier to read. Also, if you break up your text with bullet points, such as a list of key requirements, it will look more stylistically appealing.

Elaborate where needed - such as if you want someone to be able to drive, where do you need them to take you and how do they need to support you once at your destination? Also let them know how often they're expected to drive you within the week - being super clear helps the PCA, who is looking at your job listing, to make an informed decision to apply.


Remember your vacancy listing provides an insight into the job opportunity but also into YOU - your interests as well as your likes and dislikes. Always be yourself and be clear on what you want and expect. Not everyone will match you and your needs perfectly but you should be confident that the person you employ is right for YOU.

Make sure you disclose to the carer what you will be checking before offering them the job on e.g. a DBS check / DVLA check / references request. Finally, please make sure you recognise a good PCA’s contribution and are fair to the carer - keep clear communication and treat and pay them well.