Everybody has different care needs and everybody needs to get the right support for them. There are many ways to go about this, but thinking carefully about it, discussing it with a friend or family member, and even writing down the areas you need home care help, at home carer, will help you find the right Personal Care Assistant (PCA), for you.

Household Help

An elderly person or someone living with a disability can find it hard to solely maintain their home. PCA's can assist with all sorts of household tasks including tidying, cleaning, washing up. and even helping to look after pets.

Personal Care & Hygiene

If someone is suffering from ill health or a lack of mobility, this can soon start to have an effect on their personal care and hygiene. You can arrange for a carer to visit your home at a time that suits you to help with everyday tasks like brushing your teeth and hair, bathing, washing, and getting dressed.

Prompting to take Medication

Taking the right medication on time, everyday, is a vital daily task for many elderly people or for those who live with a physical disability or mental disability. You can specifically use ukcil.com to search for carers who are fully-qualified to administer medication, as and when required. Carers can also be requested to help with reminding the person, who they are supporting, to drink water, help with healthy eating habits and advise on exercise plans that are tailored to suit the individual.


Some individuals may want home care assistant, that is separate from their everyday lives, while others may be looking for companionship. If the latter is important to you, tell your carer that you expect them to form a bond with the person they are caring for. The carer can provide companionship and encourage socialising. If English is not your primary language, you can explicitly request to only meet carers who speak different languages, be it Polish, French, Urdu, or Romanian, amongst others.

UKCIL can help you find the Personal Care Assistant you are looking for. Check out our website for more details.