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UKCIL focuses on helping disabled and senior employers who wish to continue to live at home and are often in receipt of a self-directed support or a personal health budget, to find, meet and hire the right personal care assistants.

We believe the senior and disabled, and their loved ones, should have some control over who looks after them and the details of how this is done. Whether your care needs are simple or complex, our costs are capped and you are charged the same flat annual fee for use of the tool each year, whether you hire once or dozens of times through us.

Our services are available to people of all ages and all impairments. Our current customers are parents of disabled children, people with mental health needs, anyone with a physical impairment or learning difficulty, as well as older people. PAs on our site offer all sorts of care experience, with some specialising in certain areas, like Asperger’s care, autism care, Alzheimer’s care and dementia care and support.


Whether you're an Employer, Personal Care Assistant, Care Delivery or Funding Organisation we'd love to hear from you

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