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UKCIL focuses on helping disabled and elderly employers who wish to continue to live at home and are often in receipt of a self-directed support or a personal health budget, to find, meet and hire the right personal care assistants.

We believe the elderly and disabled, and their loved ones, should have some control over who looks after them and the details of how this is done. Whether your care needs are simple or complex, our costs are capped and you are charged the same flat annual fee for use of the tool each year, whether you hire once or dozens of times through us.

Our services are available to people of all ages and all impairments. For example, parents of disabled children, people with mental health needs, those with physical impairments or learning difficulties and of course older people.

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Our story

We know how difficult it can be to find the right personal care.

We have first-hand, ongoing experience of helping relatives and friends to live independently at home - including our parents, grandparents, a very poorly aunt and close neighbours. Working with our loved ones has taught us what a difference the right care and support can make. Over the years, we’ve learnt to find carers with the right skills, but also the right personality. The real need for people to find their own assistants, quickly and without spending a lot on agencies, led us to create the UKCIL database.

Since launching in Yorkshire, we have helped hundreds of people to get the care they need, as well as our loved ones. In our recent survey, our existing clients told us what they liked about our system, especially the control it gives them over their PA recruitment process. This has given us the confidence to launch nationally and we now welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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