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Know Your PA Before You Hire Them

UKCIL wants you to feel like you know your PA before you even meet them, so we work hard to provide informative care-focused PA profiles

Our database is made up of PAs who have a genuine interest in care

View Informative PA Profiles

Our PA profiles strike the right balance between providing information while not being too cumbersome for a busy and well-loved PA to complete

Our availability calendars are very popular with candidates who like to fill them out, while our application cover letter questions are helpful to anyone looking for something specific in a PA

Get in Touch with the PAs You Like Most

Use our helpful search and sort features to find and view PAs who are living closest to you, those meeting your skills and availability criteria, or those matching your needs overall

Click on the candidates you’re most interested in to view their full profile and to let them know about your job in one easy click

Easy-to-View PA Experience

All UKCIL candidates are asked to tell you about their work experience.

Our visual display of the information provided makes it possible for you to glance through profiles, and easily compare them with one another

Stay Safe and Save Time with Video Interviewing

Once you’re ready to meet your PA, easily arrange a face-to-face or phone interview

You can also try the increasingly popular video-interviewing option, which is not only safe, but allows you to invite someone along for a second opinion, helping save time for everyone

Employer Testimonials
  • My son has severe autism and has to have 24/7 care with a team of more than 10 people. UKCIL allows us to recruit for all those positions we need, all year, for one low fee which is covered by our local authority. It's incredible value for money.

    Rita, Headingly


  • With agencies in the past, I've had difficulty finding the right assistants and a lack of control. With UKCIL, when I am advertising, there is somebody overseeing the process and checking on how I am getting on so I do not feel on my own. Another benefit is being able to open and close my advert as many times as I need to in a year at no extra cost.

    Therese, Chelmsford


  • I was doubtful whether UKCIL would work because I'd had no luck finding personal care assistants through my local PA agencies and I'd not heard of UKCIL before. But, after using UKCIL, I'm pleased to say, I've had a flurry of applications and the UKCIL team were always on hand to help if needed.

    Sharon, West Bromwich


  • The UKCIL website is my favourite website for finding a personal care assistant. It is a lot better than a standard job site as it’s clearly more focused on the area that I am interested in.

    Will, Yeadon


  • I have found the site easy to use, thought the invite-a-candidate feature to be good. I have employed / am in the process of employing two people to cover sick and holiday leave. I wouldn’t hesitate using it again.

    Lorraine, Durham


  • The customer service team have been excellent, responding to emails and phone calls promptly, giving good insights into the system and taking on board constructive suggestions. I believe going forward it offers more relevant applications and as familiarity with the functionality of the site increases it can only offer applicants and employers a more worthwhile experience. I’ve been recommending UKCIL to others looking for PA carers.

    Christopher, Durham


  • I found UKCIL very user-friendly and easy to use. It made finding a PA very easy and was a great way to advertise, shortlist, interview and employ a PA.

    Benjamin, Kingston


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Do you receive a Direct Payment or have a Personal Health Budget?

If you do, part or all of your UKCIL fee may be covered as an allocation for recruitment. Contact your DP / PHB administrator to find out more.


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