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CTO & Cofounder

Technology leader, with 25+ years of broad experience in Regulatory, Financial & Recruitment Process & Technology, in both Corporates & Startups



CEO & Cofounder

Marketing & Business Leader with 25+ years experience, working with with wide range of clients



Community Outreach Leader

Business Entrepenuer & Restauranter with deep experience about customer journey development

Our Story

We know how difficult it can be to find the right personal care.

We have first-hand, ongoing experience of helping relatives and friends to live independently at home - including our parents, grandparents, a very poorly aunt and close neighbours. Working with our loved ones has taught us what a difference the right care and support can make. Over the years, we’ve learnt to find at-home-carers with the right skills, but also the right personality. The real need for people to find their own personal care assistants, quickly and without spending a lot on agencies, led us to create the UKCIL database.

Since launching in Leeds and working across Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and Preston, we have helped hundreds of people to get the care they need, as well as our loved ones. In our recent survey, our existing clients told us what they liked about our system, especially the control it gives them over their PA recruitment process. This has given us the confidence to launch nationally and we now welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Whether you're an Employer, Personal Care Assistant, Care Delivery or Funding Organisation we'd love to hear from you

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